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Date: January 21, 2017 1:40 PM
  • CopyCat Cars From China

    Chinese car market is among the largest and fastest growing auto industries globally. From well-known car giants to the not so popular local manufacturers, the Chinese market has evolved over the years. China has been increasingly skewing attention for replicating almost everything, even popular cars from across the globe. Commonly referred to as the Copycat cars, these replicas are strikingly similar to the worldly models in the west. While there are several copycat cars lying out there, we bring you some of the most selling cars that are also retailed in India.

  • Land Wind X7 vs Range Rover Evoque - Land Wind X7 can easily be mistaken for Range Rover Evoque that sports a similar nose and coupe like profile. Except for a few minor changes, both the cars look extremely similar.

  • Brilliance V5 vs BMW X1 - Built by BMW’s Chiense partner Brilliance, the V5 and X1 are sold simultaneously in the Chinese market. While these cars are markedly similar, the cheap bits on the V5 can easily be spotted.

  • Geely Merrie 300 Vs Mercedes Benz C Class - The C-Class is one of the most selling models from the Stuttgart based carmaker not just in Indian market, but globally. The Merrir 300 from Geely mirrors the C-Class in terms of silhouette and styling.

  • Lifan 330 vs Mini Cooper 5-door - Taking comprehensive cues from the original Mini Cooper 5-door, the Chinese Lifan 330 costs a lot less than the original Mini Cooper. One look at it and it is hard to differentiate between both.

  • Geely GE vs Rolls Royce Phantom - This copycat model from Geely is the Chinese rendition of the uber luxury Phantom model from the uber luxury British car marque, Rolls Royce. The Geely GE is nowhere close to the V12 engine on the Phantom.

  • Jac A6 vs Audi A6 - The A6 sedan attracts a high demand and those who cannot splurge a lofty amount on the car have the option to buy its look-alike back in China. The Jac A6 not only borrows its name from the original model but also exterior styling and interior layout.

  • Laibao SRV vs Honda CR-V - Honda’s robust SUV, known for its modish styling and in-cabin equipment must have lost sheen in India, but auto enthusiasts in China can still get the copied version of the CR-V.

  • Leopard Q6 vs Mitsubishi Pajero - Currently the only model on sale in India from Mitsubishi, the SUV has a Chinese look alike christened Leopard Q6. Even the interior is same save for the equipment.

  • BAIC X424 vs Jeep Wrangler - The iconic Jeep brand lately debuted in India with two of its most popular models, including the Wrangler SUV. Built on the similar lines as Wrangler, BAIC X424 gets thick cladding around the body accentuating SUV-like looks.

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