Hyundai Eon hatchback- frequently asked question

Hyundai Eon

1. Tell me the engine specification of Hyundai EON?

Ans. The Hyundai EON comes with a small 0.8 -litre petrol engine. The small engine is capable of producing the decent power of 55bhp and peak torque of 76Nm and the engine is mated to the 5-speed manual transmission. The car also comes with the LPG option.

2. Tell me the fuel economy of Hyundai EON in both city and highway?

Ans. The Hyundai EON comes with both petrol and LPG options. The small hatchback delivers the healthy mileage of 17kmpl in city and 21kmpl on highway, while in the LPG fuel the car offers the fuel economy of 21km/kg.

3. Tell me the price of Hyundai EON In India?

Ans. The South Korean car maker has smartly priced the EON in the market. The Hyundai EON starts with the price of Rs. 2.83 lakh for the petrol base variant and Rs. 3.82 lakh for the top end LPG variant. The price of Hyundai EON is very competitive to its closest competitor Maruti Alto 800.

4. Tell me the boot space of Hyundai EON?

Ans. Despite being a compact hatchback, Hyundai Eon offers a decent luggage carrying capacity of 215 litres.

5. Is Hyundai EON is available in Automatic version?

ANS. No, the Hyundai Eon is only available in manual version. The engine is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox, which transmits power to front wheels of the car.

6. Compare the Hyundai EON and Maruti Alto 800?

Ans. The small car segment leads by the Maruti cars and Maruti Alto 800 is a perfect example for same. Maruti Alto 800 comes with the small 0.8-litre petro engine, which delivers the power of 47bhp along with the torque of 69Nm and returns the fuel efficiency of 22kmpl in petrol and 30 km/kg in CNG. While the Hyundai EON comes loaded with the same 0.8-litre petrol engine, which is capable of pumping out the power output of 55bhp and peak torque of 76Nm and returns the fuel economy of 21kmpl in petrol, which is little higher than the Maruti Alto 800. Moreover, Hyundai Eon also gets some good features, which are not on offer with Alto 800.

7. Is there any safety airbags in Hyundai EON?

Ans. Yes, the Hyundai EON comes with the safety airbag for driver, but it comes only in the top-end variant- EON Sportz.

8. Is there any power steering in Hyundai EON?

Ans. Yes, the company has provided the power steering in the Hyundai EON.

9. Which engine oil is the best for the Hyundai EON?

Ans. The small car EON comes loaded with the 800cc of petrol engine, so for this small engine the 10W40 oil is the best to use.

10. Tell me the waiting period of Hyundai EON?

Ans. The waiting period depends of the choices of color and variant. However, the vehicle will be delivered within a week of its booking.

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