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Hyundai Creta vs Maruti S-Cross vs Renault Duster

Hyundai Creta vs Maruti S Cross vs Renault Duster

The compact SUV segment is among the hottest ones in the country, and the credit for this goes to Renault Duster as it was the first urban SUV that India had seen. Then came the copy of the Duster in the form of Nissan Terrano with a different badge and a slightly different styling. But other than these same-same but different products, we haven’t had any other compact SUV until the arrival of the Hyundai Creta, and Maruti Suzuki S-Cross premium crossover that targets the same set of buyers.

So are the two newcomers in the segment can beat the Renault Duster in all departments, let’s find out in this comparison.

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Hyundai Creta vs Renault Duster vs Maruti S Cross – Design

As they say, design is quite subjective, we leave this decision up to you. But the Creta surely is a stunner, and the Duster is no less. The only car that scores the least in this department, according to us, among the three is – the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross. The S-Cross somehow looks more like a bigger hatchback than a proper SUV especially from the front and side profiles. Though if looked from the rear, the vehicle manages to catch your attention. Having said that, we feel that the S-Cross has a well-proportioned dimensions and design that you expect out of a crossover. But when we compare it with two proper compact SUVs like the Duster and the Creta it lacks that appeal. So for us it’s a tie between Hyundai Creta and Renault Duster.

Hyundai Creta vs Maruti S Cross vs Renault Duster – Dimensions

In terms of dimensions, the Renault Duster beats the other two hands down. In fact, in terms of length and wheelbase, the Hyundai Creta scores the lowest of the three. But when it comes to width and height, the Creta is slightly better than the S-Cross but the Duster leads here too. Talking about the ground clearance, the Duster wins it with a huge margin; the Creta and the S-Cross come at the no. 2 and 3 respectively.

Hyundai Creta Renault Duster Maruti Suzuki S-Cross
Length (mm) 4270 4315 4300
Width (mm) 1780 1822 1765
Height (mm) 1630 1695 1575
Wheelbase (mm) 2590 2673 2600
Ground Clearance (mm) 183 205 180
Fuel Tank Capacity (mm) 55 50 48
Seating Capacity 5 5 5
Boot Space (Litres) 400 475 353

Hyundai Creta vs Renault Duster vs Maruti S Cross – Engine specs and drivability

While both the Renault Duster and Hyundai Creta are offered with three engine options (2 diesel and 1 petrol), the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross comes only with two diesel engine options. In terms of power on paper, the Duster loses its battle to the Creta and S-Cross. But people who have driven it found the Duster to be the more fun and engaging to drive than the Creta. And despite the less power on offer, the Duster’s power delivery is more linear. Interestingly, it’s the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross’ 1.6-litre multijet diesel engine that gives a close fight to the Duster and the Creta’s 1.6 CRDi. So in terms of driving abilities, the Duster and S-Cross are quite close, whereas the Creta comes at the bottom. Having said that, the Creta could be very well-suited for city drives.

Petrol Models

Hyundai Creta Renault Duster Maruti Suzuki S-Cross
Engine Displacement (CC) 1591 1598 N/A
Gearbox 6-Speed Manual 5-Speed Manual N/A
Power (bhp) 121 103 N/A
Torque (Nm) 151 148 N/A

Diesel Models

Hyundai Creta Renault Duster Maruti Suzuki S-Cross
Engine Displacement (CC) 1396/1582 1461 1248/1598
Gearbox 6-speed Manual & AT (With Both) 5 & 6-speed Manual 5 & 6-speed manual
Power (bhp) 89/126 84/109 89/118
Torque (Nm) 220/260 200/245 200/320Nm

Hyundai Creta vs Maruti S Cross vs Renault Duster – Interior Quality & Comfort

Just like other Hyundai cars, the Creta offers you the most premium cabin of the three with high quality material and lots of features on board. Interestingly, the S-Cross gives a close fight to the Creta in terms of plastic quality; but the Creta with its dual-tone treatment looks slightly more premium. The Duster is the weakest of the three cars in this department.

Creta vs Duster vs S Cross – Mileage

Now comes the most important factor – mileage. Of the three cars we have put in our comparison, the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross’ 1.3-litre diesel-engine equipped model wins it with a fair margin. It easily returns an average fuel economy of around 23km/l. The Creta’s 1.4-litre diesel engine too returns an impressive mileage of around 22km/l. The Duster 85PS model returns around 17-18km/l. But If you are considering more powerful versions of these cars, then all three return around 16-17kmpl.

Creta vs S Cross vs Duster – Price

Hyundai Creta – Rs. 8.59 lakh – Rs. 13.60 lakh
Maruti Suzuki S-Cross – Rs. 8.34 lakh – Rs. 13.74 lakh
Renault Duster – Rs. 8.30 lakh – Rs. 13.5 lakh

Hyundai Creta vs Duster vs S Cross – Verdict

For us it’s a close battle between the Hyundai Creta and Duster. While the Creta scores high in terms of quality and feel, the Duster scores more on driving dynamics. The Maruti Suzuki S-Cross, on the other hand, is a great combination of premiumness and drivability, but it lacks the appeal.

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